Advantages of using third party ad servers

Advantages of using third party ad servers

February 20, 2015

It becomes more and more common for ad serving community members to resort to third party ad servers in order to facilitate life for themselves and their customers. However, rather big part of ad serving community still refuse to use third party adservers, because of lack of knowledge about them.

Vast distribution of information and tutorials about third party ad serving can contribute to the quicker customization of this process and simplification of its usage. Moreover, 3rd party adservers and vendors have plenty of advantages which are often unknown even to experienced in this issue 3rd party adserving community members. Let's focus on them.

In-depth customization

Third party ad servers will help you to deal with an issue of control and management of the customization process during the work on it. They will not only facilitate your work, but will assist you to customize everything to your tastes and desires, and to the demands of your target audience. The term "third party" defines this service as one which is outside from the work process, but, on the contrary, ad vendors are at the middle of it and assist you as a binding section.

3rd party ad servers will provide you with customized interfaces, where design, language, tools and necessary keywords will be adapted to your and your customers' desires and demands.

Third party ad serving vendors may not provide you with customized interfaces or other options, especially if you have not supplied them with appropriate information before. However, as soon as you inform them about such a need, they will satisfy it. Advertisers as no one other know - the more customers you attract and satisfy, the more money you earn.

Full integration of ad vendor

Many advertising agencies avoid third party ad serving and their vendors, because they already have their own internal equivalents and do not trust external services. As a rule, ad agencies work a lot to create their own system, and even when they understand that third party adserver can bring profit to them they still stay suspicious to other vendors. First and foremost, such situations happen when advertisers are afraid of the problems with an integration of the third party serving system.

Third party ad servers' representatives are aware that full and quick integration is a big part of the success of their business, that is why mostly integration proceeds quickly and two systems coexist as well as they have been native from the beginning.

Excellent coexistence of those two systems together with an effective work of the hired advertiser will lead your business to success, and contribute to your efficient and unique campaigns.

Remarketing approach

Terms "marketing" and "remarketing" are different linguistically just because of suffix, however they strongly differ in the advertising world. Marketing is what all of us do in business. Remarketing is involved into marketing, but has different approach to it. The suffix "re" helps us to understand such approach. When we are already into marketing, but this process does not bring us much profit, we need to reactivate our business. Remarketing approach is necessary in such situations. It allows us to reach people who had been our clients previously and to attract new ones. Remarketing approach is one which is used by 3rd party adservers. Being not involved into the process of marketing, they can easily recognize what is necessary to be improved, so remarketed.

If you want to evaluate the success of your advertising campaign, see whether you have returned the investments. If yes, then you're a winner. Those, who work with third party advertising services and vendors, always have the highest investment returns. Previous statement is not surprising, because potential income which could be made through the third party adserving is almost unlimited.

Now you know how to benefit in your advertising company with the help of third party adservers. This means that you'll no more waste the time in search for the best campaign executor and will use the opportunities of the ad vendors. Wherever you work in the advertising industry, help of the third party adserving will be a good impetus for the prosperity of your campaign.