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Epom Outstream Video: Ads That Live Beyond the Video Player

Video advertising is no longer boils down to pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll units. Outstream video templates inside the Epom ad server open up limitless opportunities for video ad placement, bringing new ad formats to the scene. Overlay, in-read, and slider videos can be put anywhere on the page, without a video player. Welcome them and go native!

Outstream video

In-Feed Outstream Video

Seamlessly embed your video ads amongst editorial content — make your customer's journey smooth and unobtrusive. In-read video ads leap from the middle of the page and can't go unnoticed. However, they stop expanding if less than 50% of the initial page is visible You can also enhance your video with a static banner image at the end of the advertisement.

In-Feed Outstream video
Overlay video

Overlay Outstream Video

Cover up an existing video player with your ad in a click. No tiresome pre-roll setup is needed. Overlay videos may be placed atop of any other kind of content as well. Once the ad view has been completed, an overlay fades away. Mute the video if you want: size, caption, sound, and CTA buttons are customizable from top to bottom.

Video slider

Slider Outstream Video

Slide your spectacular offer through a webpage with grace! Showmanship — that's all about slider videos. This video ad format enters the page out of a designated corner and remains there until the user watches or skips the ad. A slider video may need more customization, yet it's the most eye-catching and engaging outstream unit.

Slider Outstream video

Want to build a robust video marketing strategy?

Aren't sure that outstream videos will reinforce it? Don't trust a word — check for yourself. It's free for 14 days. Drop us a message and unlock all three outstream video ad formats in your ad server dashboard.

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