If you want to make a huge pile of money working on your dream ad business, you have to know exactly what are you going to sell, what would be the price for it and how to deliver your product at full. It means to be in the loop of all current trends in ad serving and all the issues, especially when it comes to your business.

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Epom will help you with it and introduce a new innovation that we believe is going to improve our customer’s online business. The new feature allows publishers and advertisers to have even more control. Forecast button is located near Reset and Save buttons. By clicking on it, you will get a diagram, similar to analytics chart with quick forecast values for the next week. Using historical data, our system forecasts the number of future impressions and clicks. Publishers can get a forecast for particular zone, placement or web site. As to Advertisers, with our new decision-support tool, they will benefit the same plus forecasts for banners and ad campaigns.


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