Video ads have been very popular the last couple years. There are, definitely, some very reasonable issues why brands choose video ads over the other ad formats. One of the reason is the accessibility to widen internet and the continuing increasing power and availability of computers, but innovative technology is only one side of the whole process.

Advertising Mobile 298x300 Updated Interstitial & Expandable Video Formats

The other side is the innovative solutions that are implemented in online video for better advertising performance. At first,  it all started with simple pre-roll videos for TV web sites, later  TV ad transferred to the ads in the internet, and just in a couple years video ads separated into a specific area of Rich Media.

One of the newest Rich Media video banners are offered by Epom. You can find Video Interstitial and Expandable formats in Epom Rich Media Gallery on our web site. Follow the link

The concept of Interstitial Video is very easy to understand. Video clip is inserted in a reader to a website while the transition from page to page.  As to Expandable Video ads, they work like this: at first, a customer clicks on an expandable ad, than it expands twice it was before. It could be width or height, it depends on the format. Expandable formats are usually mean more activity from engaged users and increase presence of the ads on the page.

It is very easy to create new Video formats and roll it in your ad placements. We believe, new ad formats will be adopted by the customers soon and would be very popular among them.

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