YuMe’s quarterly Video Metrics reports are always worth looking into and analyzing. Despite the warning that the reported facts and numbers are only exact for the network and may not reflect the overall trends in the industry, YuMe shares insights on video advertising that are delivered from an unusual perspective. In this article we will review and compare the findings of YuMe’s Video Metrics reports for Q1 and Q2 2012. Not only will you learn what formats of video ads prevailed over the others, but you’ll also get some hints for targeting your video ads by location and gender.

images5 Video Advertising Trends Based On Comparison Of Q1 And Q2 Analytics Data

Pre-Roll Still Dominate, Banners Ads Account For The Smallest Fraction

Pre-roll ads were dominant in Q1, and they continued to be that in Q2 of 2012, still counting for 76% of all ads run with YuMe. However, they lost 8% in popularity from the beginning of the year. Of this percentage half, or 4%, went to YuMe Ads. Another 3% were gained by mobile video ads. The remaining 1% is actually lost in the Q2 reporting, probably because of rounding the numbers. The share of banner and online TV ads didn’t change, remaining 1% and 2% accordingly.

Longer Ads Become More Tolerated 

In Q2 2012 completion rate for pre-roll ads rose by 1%, from 68 to 69%. But what’s most interesting here is the breakdown by ad length. The report for the Q2 revealed the higher completion rate. It was reported as 40%, compared to 37% in Q1. This may indicate that viewers become more tolerant to now watching ads online, and the long-term implication may be a shift to long-form online video advertising. Yet, it is worth mentioning that 15-second ads were still completed the most even in Q2.


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