A look back at the GMIC Beijing 2016

A look back at the GMIC Beijing 2016

May 12, 2016

Epom team has returned from the Asia's largest mobile conference - GMIC Beijing that took place from 28 April to 2 May 2016.

With over 50, 000 visitors, 3000 thought speakers and 1000 of companies both domestic and international, the conference broke all records. Dreamers, doers and enthusiasts gathered together to bust stereotypes and accelerate the innovation process. Keynote speakers revealed the most successful strategies and offered latter-day approaches to solve pressing problems in the field of mobile technologies.

"Chinese companies showed readiness for worldwide collaboration. For us it was a great opportunity to meet our partners and explore new relationships in the Asian region", claimed Igor Korobka, Epom Senior Sales Manager.

"We've arranged a plenty of meetings, in addition to the previously scheduled ones. It means that Epom products are becoming even more popular", added Katerina Sydorenko, Epom Business Development Manager.

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