Direct Marketing Association Welcomed Epom

June 14, 2013

Last week we were so exited about receiving membership in MMA and look what we have got now: the full membership in Direct Marketing Association.

We believe, DMA accreditation is not only about confidence and brand awareness. Signing agreement with the association, we were seeking something bigger and more significant.

Being engaged in the most interesting and trending events in marketing field, that's what we want from the membership in DMA. And, of course, an assess to plenty of the useful research data, case studies and white papers. Membership in DMA is highly valuable, it will help us to built better business relationships, find new interesting connections and spread ad serving innovative technologies worldwide. As a member of DMA, Epom will participate actively in data- driven marketing life, since our aim is to serve high standards to our clients and partners and be active in terms of community events too.

Direct Marketing Association is an organization with an impressive reputation and we are sincerely happy to be a part of it!