IAB MIXX Conference: The Most Relevant Tendencies in Advertising World

October 02, 2013

Our Team has recently returned from IAB MIXX Conference. No need to say it is one of the most important conferences in the advertising world. Whether you are a small ad network or a large publisher, you definitely have to spend time and money and attend the event. And here is why.

First of all, at such events as IAB MIXX Conference, you can get acquainted with all latest tendencies and insights in the industry. Moreover, you can take part in the development of the global advertising standards. Isn't it great to feel your influence?

Secondly, as IAB MIXX Conference is a perfect place to extend your business connections, you can meet all the top dogs there from all over the world and one knows how valuable good connections are.

Last but not least, you will be inspired by interesting speeches of the world famous marketing managers. This year the list was impressive, starting from Microsoft vice president from U.S. sales and marketing department, Keith Lorizio and ending with amazing Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo!

W. Ross Honey, a general manager of Xbox advertising in Microsoft and Keith Lorizio described new a flagship device of Xbox Live. They also transformed the stage into the company's showcase on how innovations in personalization technology are revolutionizing consumer experiences and living-room entertainment as we know it.

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the ad company WPP, told the audience about some future tendencies in the world of the digital media, and one of his main points was that the tech companies were also the media companies. If to look at the matter more attentively, it seems rather obvious: a lot of huge companies, like Facebook or Google are now making a significant part of their money from rolling ads, yet still consider themselves as tech companies. Well, according to Mr. Sorrell, these are also media owners, at least to some extent, which is crucial to acknowledge, as a digital media business wouldn't choose to entrust one's media plan to legacy media owners, even including Google or Facebook.

One of the most stunning speeches was by Marissa Mayer. She was talking about big changes, the purchase of Tumblr and even about the change of Yahoo! logo. It was very memorable to see Mayer and the other high-profile speakers, and hear their ideas about the future of online marketing.