Dominate With Contextual Advertising Networks By Using Epom Ad Server

Dominate With Contextual Advertising Networks By Using Epom Ad Server

February 20, 2015

There is no doubt that contextual advertising networks, e.g. Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network are somewhat like backbones for publishers. There were many other ad servers before, but they had lost part of their popularity with publishers and bloggers with the advent of contextual networks.

Much of this shift was due to the simplicity of use provided by these networks, as all you really needed to do was slapping an ad code on the website. Yet, there's a hidden threat: this way of customer-network interaction grants networks full access to customer's inventory. But you'll learn how to dominate with contextual ad networks when you read the below tips.

All the below listed applies to Epom, a free ad server, and to other ad serving options as well.

1. Apply Frequency Capping

Setting frequency caps is putting a restriction on the amount of times a specific person (or technically their browser cookie) is shown a particular online ad, and is often cited as a way to avoid "banner burnout": the point at which visitors are being overexposed to an ad and its impact begins to decline.

2. Use One Reporting System For Tracking Performance On Multiple Networks

If you work with a couple advertising networks at once, you can actually avoid the trouble of logging in to numerous reporting systems in order to collect the required statistic data. Epom gives you the opportunity of seeing all the impressions for both Yahoo and AdSense in one place. The only drawback is its inability to show data on revenue, because of variable CPCs. But this is just a question of time. As contextual advertising networks evolve and start executing APIs, ad servers will probably find the ways to import data of this kind, too.

3. Work With As Many Networks As You Can Handle

There is no point in working with many ad networks, when your website doesn't get enough traffic. But, if your monthly traffic amounts are decent, the more ad networks you can handle working with, the better. Epom allows you to work with any number of contextual networks. The same concerns display networks and even affiliate advertisers - Epom won't limit you.

4. Target Your Ads

Did you ever think, which ad network brings more profit in Europe, YPN o r AdSense? With Epom, you can apply geotargeting to your ad placements. There are plenty of targeting options like Time targeting or OS targeting. If you want to target by device or IP, be our guest.

5. Use Marketplace feature

EPOM Market works with a wide range of third party ad networks and agencies. You gain the capacity to sell your publishers' ad inventory to advertisers from third party ad networks and agencies, rendering your publishers' ads accessible to advertisers around the World. EPOM Market offers comprehensive performance reports and cash flow summaries making it easy to monitor the performance of your partner sites and ad inventory. Powerful optimization engine greatly increases revenues. Its own ad server blocks potentially dangerous and unwanted ads, as result-more time to concentrate on your business.

EPOM ad Marketplace provides advertisers immediate access to inventory that meets their campaign goals. Additionally, advertisers increase their return on investment through targeting, defined bids and budgets, frequency caps on inventory purchases and much more. Our real-time bidding system enables advertisers to exercise more control over their media expenditures.

6. Use Mobile ad serving

The following next years are going to be very hot in terms of mobile advertisement. The audience is no longer connected to the stand-alone PCs only. They visit their favorite web-sites, read newspapers, socializing on smartphones and tablets. As part of the audience switch to consuming content on the mobile devices, mobile advertising becomes extremely important for many companies. Thus, if your revenue depends on your web presence in any way, you should start thinking about mobile right now. Not surprisingly, most of mobile advertisers are expected to significantly increase mobile marketing budgets in the following years.

With rapid mobile advertisement growth, many publishers, networks, and advertisers are forced to use several ad serving solutions which is confusing and complicated

Epom is mobile ad server that enables publishers to get the most out of their available inventory, by increasing advertisements fill rate up to 100%. Epom allows publishers to take one single Java Script code from Epom server and run ads from different advertising platforms, mobile advertising networks and direct ads combined with any defaults they wish via this single code.

Epom mobile ad server is integrated into the Epom platform and we offer it absolutely for free as part of the package.With Epom Mobile ad serving solution you have single ad technology platform to manage your inventory across desktop, video, mobile, and more.

7. Use manual weighting option for precise impressions distribution

You can control how many impressions you would like to send to AdSense tags and how many to other networks and to activate your house ads in those countries and regions where you think that your current network does not bring you enough income.